Simranjeet_One-Self Yoga

Kundalini Yoga -

Be prepared to describe the change you seek to make

At least to yourself.

"Every Life is Precious"

I first began practicing Hatha yoga in 2005 and Kundalini yoga in 2007. Eager to share the beauty of this practice with others, I started teaching Kundalini Yoga in 2012. Based in the United Kingdom, my intention as a professional Kundalini Yoga Teacher is to help my clients listen to their inner selves. I am dedicated to uplifting and empowering individuals in discovering their divine essence. Creating a Life they Love and Living Well.

As a free-spirited, independent woman, I am a mother and wife, who took to the streets of London in the late ’80s as a Police officer. One of the few women, I held a 30-year policing career, becoming a senior detective and an expert in the investigation of sexual violence and domestic abuse.  

Life taught me many lessons and given many great joys. Being valued and respected for what you are, what you believe in and how you live your life. Treating other people with dignity, treating them the way we would like to be treated ourselves. Every human has the right to lead a dignified life and fulfilling their potential. Darkness is not your darkness or my darkness, it is there so we can penetrate with our light. Sometimes we are going to make mistakes and we learn from our mistakes.

Every Life is Precious. 

The Love of 'spirit' has been with me since childhood. It was the 'spirit' that took me through my policing career. Kundalini Yoga gives me a beautiful experience of feeling the subtle energies flow within the body. Our own Divine Essence. It is a practice I thoroughly enjoy and love to share. 

However, life's lessons arrive, by finding the courage to confront the mind, surrender to the divine within, using the technology of Kundalini Yoga with gratitude every step of the way. 

Life becomes precious again.

Sharing experience of Life, as encouragement and inspiration for others. 

Come and learn about Kundalini Yoga and your Divine Essence.

Love Life, Live Well.